Aluminum signs may be sheeted with one of the following reflective products: 3M 3290 Engineer Grade (Less Reflective), 3M 3930 High Intensity Prismatic (More Reflective), 3M 4090 Diamond Grade (Most Reflective). Unless noted all signs will be manufactured with HIP sheeting (High Intensity Prismatic) with 3M 1170 ElectroCut Film applied over the top. Upon request 3M 1170 Clear Film will be applied for a Clear Coat Overlay. All digital graphics will be printed on 3M 3290 Reflective Sheeting and receive 3M’s 1170 Clear Film unless otherwise noted.

Forest Fire
Rating Signs

Fire Danger Aluminum Signs

Made with high quality 3M Reflective Sheeting on either HDO Plywood or Aluminum and include the Firewheel Rating Sign with a moveable arrow, and the Fire Danger Today sign with rating sliders. Also, a reflective digital graphic Smokey Bear on HDO Plywood.

Forest Road
Designation Signs

Forest Service Aluminum Signs

Made with High Intensity Prismatic Reflective Sheeting on HDO Plywood or Aluminum. Prices based on square footage depending on letter size and content.

Forest Fire
Rating Signs

Travel Management Signs

All standardized MUTCD signs are available and are made with High Intensity Prismatic Reflective Sheeting in compliance with U.S. Forest Service specifications.

How to Order

The best way to contact us with an order is by email or fax. Any description, wording or picture you include helps us get a more accurate price and a better idea of what you are looking for. For further information or questions call us at 970-275-6936. However, here are some ideas to consider when organizing your project.

One of your first decisions to make will be what size sign will you be needing. It might be helpful to consider who your target audience is and from what distance will they be viewing the sign. A sign that will be placed several feet or several hundred feet off the road should be treated differently.

  • Will the sign be in a parking lot?
  • Does the sign need to be spotted from hundreds of yards away?
Wording is instrumental in getting your message across. If you are not sure what to say or how to say it, let us help you. We have years of experience helping our clients to create effective signage.
Will your signage need to stand the test of time? No problem. We have many material solutions to fit your signage needs. We understand that each sign is unique as is it’s location.
Reflectivity is a very important feature to consider when choosing your materials. Whether the sign is intended to be viewed at a distance or close up in the evening hours, reflectivity helps to make sure the sign is visible in any condition.
Installation of your signage requires careful consideration. Will the signage be installed on an existing facility? On a new building? In a parking lot? Off the side of the road? Each of these locations calls for different installation methods. Let us help you find the best solution for your needs.
We are equipped to process any order no matter how big or how small the job.
Decals or Symbols can sometimes be the fastest and most effective form of communication. Decals are visual cues that can help the viewer to identify with their surroundings. If you wish to convey a certain message, consider including a decal or symbol in your signage.